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2004 OVERVIEW:  Devin had an outstanding 2004.  He competed in 33 races, and won 23 for a 69.7% win rate.  In the process he set new track records for his class at the track at North Texas Karters of Denton, as well as the track at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex in Norman.  He added two national championships to his resume' (K.A.R.T. Jr 1 Light 2-cycle Light & Heavy), one regional championship (K.A.R.T. Jr 1 Light 2-Cycle Souther Sprint Series), and won the NTK Club championship every season, as well as for the year.  He was making a run for the SKUSA Red River Region Jr. 1 tilte, until rule changes by the sanctioning body mid-season led to our decision to abandon the series.  Here is how it breaks down:
K.A.R.T. National Championships:  Devin qualified on the pole both classes, and except for two laps during day two, led every lap to take two wins.
K.A.R.T. Regional Championship Southern Sprint Series:  Devin won the first two events, leading every lap.  A spin in Race 3 dropped him back to 8th, where he came back to finish 2nd, taking the spot between the last turn and the start/finish line.  He finished 2nd in Race 4 at Tulsa, scored another win in race 5 in Houstion, and finished 5th in the final race at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex after working through some engine problems.
NTK Club Championship:  Counting the Polar Bear, Spring, Summer, and Fall series, Devin competed in 19 club races.  He won 17 of these 19 races, with a second in Polar Bear 3, and a 5th in Fall 1 (he was leading this one with 3 laps to go when his ignition module fell off and the kart died).
SKUSA:  Raced in 5 events, with one win, two 2nds, a 3rd and a 4th.  As a note, the 3rd came after he was easily leading and lapped traffic spun in front of Devin in the last turn forcing him to take to the grass, which allowed the 2nd and 3rd place karts to get by.  The last race (a 2nd) was again effected by lapped traffic, and this was the race SKUSA had changed how the Gazzelle motors where allowed to run, putting the Yamahas at a disadvantage.  Devin was the only Yamaha driver who was faster than the Gazzelle in the unrestricted configuration.
Special thanks to John Sefcik at SRS Engines, Mike Engstrom at Kam Karting, and the team at Invader Karts for the great equipment and support we received throughout the year.  And the most special thanks of all to Devin, for some outstanding drives throughout the year.
Fall 6 @ NTK, November 11, 2004  Another good weekend, with 12 entries showing up to contest the class.  Devin started 8th the first heat, and took the lead on lap three to take the heat win.  During the second heat he started 2nd and took the lead quickly to take the win for that heat.  The third heat he started from the pole and led every lap, to take the overall win for the night with three heat wins.
Fall 5 @ NTK, October 24, 2004  Another good weekend for Devin, as he won all three heats with 11 entries in the class.  He started 6th the first heat, and finished first although his clutch had thrown some weights and was not working properly.  The second heat he started 3rd, and the third heat he started from the pole and led all laps.
Fall 3 @ NTK, October 24, 2004  Things went well for Devin this race, with him taking the win by winning all three heats.  Heat 1 he started 6th out of 11, Heat 2 he started 3rd, and Heat 3 he started on the pole.  We had a couple of close calls, with his clutch throwing some weights the first heat, and a loose throttle cable on the third heat, but it all held together for the win.
K.A.R.T. Regional 6, Oct 3, 2004 @ Oklahoma Motorsports Complex  We started out the weekend well enough, with fast times.  However, as practice went on, a problem seemed to develope in the kart, and our times started dropping off close to 2 seconds a lap.  After thinking on it all night, we went out for the first practice and it was evident the kart was down on power, so Devin came in before completing one lap and we switched to the spare.  Despite having little time to work on the set-up of the spare, he was able to qualify 4th.  In th pre-final, he was up to second, before losing a couple of positions before the end of the race.  Due to a penalty incurred by another driver, we ended up starting the final on the outside of the front row.  Unfortuneately, we got a poor start, and Devin dropped several positions.  He regained a few, and had a good battle with Reed Brooks and Connor Iseli before finishing 5th behind Reed, taking the spot from Connor one lap from the end.  The good news was that with three 1st's, and two 2nd's in the previous five races, Devin had the Regional Championship sewn up, and this race was only for fun.  Devin becomes the 2004 K.A.R.T. Southern Sprint Series Regional Champion in the Jr. 1 2-Cycle class.
Fall 3 @ NTK, October 10, 2004  Heat 1 Devin won from the pole, and in Heat 2 he worked his way up from 6th on the grid to finish second.  Heat 3 was more interesting.  Devin and Clay were having a good race with Clay getting by Devin with a couple laps to go.  On the last lap, they came upon lapped traffic, and they played it safe and smart and were waiting for to pass on the straight since this particular lapped traffic frequently erratic and unpredictable.  However, the #96 lapped traffic spun right in front of Clay and Devin, and there was contact.  Both Devin and Clay got going again, but not before Evan Brown got by to take the heat win, with Clay second and Devin third for the heat. 
Fall 2 @ NTK, Sept 11, 2004  Things went better for Devin this race, and he won all three heats.  It was close in the final heat, with Clay Settles, #8, glued to his tail the entire race.  The two of them ran together like a train the entire 8 laps, and put on a great show.
Fall 1 @ NTK, August 28, 2004  The day started out well with Devin winning the first heat from the pole, and finishing 4th in heat two.  That put him on the pole for the final, and he and Clay Settles had a good race going until they came upon slow lapped traffic.  Clay was held up, giving Devin some breathing room.  However, about 3 laps from the end, while leading, Devin's kart just died.  The TCI Ignition unit had broke off, and the engine lost it's spark.  We also discovered a crack in the frame post race.  Devin ended up 5th overall for the night, not the start we were looking for for the first race of the fall series.
Summer 7 @ NTK, August 21, 2004   This was the final race of the Summer series, and instead of the normal "pea-pick" system to determine the grid, we qualified, then had a pre-final, and then a final that determined the results for the night.  Devin qualified on the pole, and led every lap of the pre-final and final to take the win.  Devin had already wrapped up the Summer Championship, and this was his sixth win in six races he competed in in the summer series.
K.A.R.T. Regional 5 @ Hitchcock (Houston) Texas August 15, 2004  We traveled south to race in the Houston round of the K.A.R.T. regional series.  With the lowest turnout of the year, there were seven entries in Devin's class on Sunday.  Devin started out the day right, nipping Clay Settles for the pole.  In the prefinal, Erin Simms jumped into the lead, followed by Devin and Clay.  Devin got by Erin on the first lap, and led the rest of the heat, with Clay taking the second spot.  In the final, Devin took the lead from pole and proceeded to open a gap on the field every lap to take his third K.A.R.T. Regional win of the year.  Erin, Reed Brooks, and Evan Brown where the next three across the line, while Clay dropped out with a mechanical.

Summer 6 @ NTK, August 7, 2004  Devin again won all three heats tonight, extending his record to 5 wins in 5 races contested in the summer series.

Summer 5 @ NTK July 31, 2004  Devin won this 5th round of the NTK Summer series by winning all three heats.  The second heat was the most exciting, with Devin starting 7th out of 11, and working his way into the lead by lap three.  The awards for the NTK Spring Series were also presented tonight, with Devin taking the top spot in the Junior 1 Light 2-Cycle class.  For the complete story of the awards on ekartingnews, please click the following link:

2005 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle
2005 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Medium 2Cycle
2005 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Heavy 2-Cycle
2004 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle
2004 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Heavy 2-Cycle
2004 K.A.R.T. Regional Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle
2004 NTK Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle
2003 NTK Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle