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Devin with all his Jr. 1 Trophies

Devin with the Michellin Man at the 2006 USGP @ Indy







On the left Devin with all the trophies he won in his 4 years Jr. 1 2-Cycle.  On the right, Devin with his new best friend he met at the U.S. Grand Prix at Indy in 2006.                                                                                                                                                                     

Devin and his Guitars
Devin 8th Grade

Devin Celebrating his 12th Birthday at the Hardrock Cafe, Dallas

Vic, Devin, and Jenifer at the USGP @ Indy, 2006

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2004 KART Nationals Jr. 1 Heavy 2 Cycle Podium

Devin on the top spot of the podium after winning his second National title at the 2004 K.A.R.T. Nationals, earning him the right to use "gold" number plates to signify his two national wins.  This podium was the Junior 1 Heavy 2-Cycle, and the day prior he had won the Junior 1 Light 2-Cycle National Championship.

KART Nationals 2006 @ Tulsa, OK
Gabriel Bargas, Devin, and Clint Korte

Left:  Devin and a couple of his fellow racers after the KART Nationals.  Devin finished second to Gabriel, an old adversary from his Jr. 1 days, and Clint finished third.  Below:  Devin in front of the Ferrari he got a ride in from Rich Hanson.  Rich was nice enough to fulfill Devin's wish for a ride, and it was arranged by Devin's drum instructor, Zack Davis.  Thanks to both Rich and Zack for making Devin's day.
Inside the Devin Mauk Racing Trailer
The Devin Mauk Racing Trailer

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Devin, Quinton, Nick, and Dan after a race.
Photo Courtesy of Wes Heslor

2008 S.K.U.S.A. S5 National Champion
2005 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle
2005 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Medium 2Cycle
2005 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Heavy 2 -Cycle
2004 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle
2004 K.A.R.T. National Champion, Jr. 1 Heavy 2-Cycle
2004 K.A.R.T. Regional Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle,
                        Southern Sprint Series
2006 NTK Champion, Rotax Junior
2005 NTK Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle
2004 NTK Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle
2003 NTK Champion, Jr. 1 Light 2-Cycle